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You will not need a lot of experience to join great adventures with Fyrst og Fremst. Here is

 a selection of activities that can suit everyone, regardless of experience and physical form. Three generations will be able to do many of these tours together, but they can also be made extra challenging with few adjustments, for those who are interested in that. Have a look at the bottom of this page for the jælma-package, that gives an additional challenge. 



The jælma package are an offer for those who want some extra challenge. On these tours we add up to a higher level of difficulty. Some alternatives can be to ascend Galdhøpiggen a more demanding way through the Svellnos glacier, climbing a vertical wall with two ice axes on the Bøverbrean or walk through extra challenging caves which require come climbing and use of rope. Read about the planned tours below, or contact us for a tailor-maid program. 

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