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How to book

Here you have te opportunity to book a place on one of our planned group-tours on specific dates through the summer-season, or to request a private guided tour on an optional date. If this does not fit your request you can fill out our contact-form HERE, der du beskriv kva di gruppe ynskjer!

Example 1

Planned grouptour with others
for 4 adults (2 pairs of friends)

  1. Choose activity (e.g. glacier)

  2. Choose adult-ticket (1adult)

  3. Choose date

  4. Fill out information

  5. Number of participants (4)

    • Exampel 2 if kids in the group

  6. Pay

Example 2

Planned grouptour with others
family with 2 adults and 2 kids

  1. Choose acitvity (e.g. glacier)

  2. Choose family-ticket(1+1)

  3. Choose date

  4. Fill out information

  5. Number of participants (2)

    • 2 = 1adult + 1kid * 2

  6. Pay

Example 3

Private guided tour

  1. Choose activity

  2. Choose date

  3. Fill out information

  4. Send request

  5. PS: you will need an answer from us before your request is valid as a booking

PLANLAGTE TURAR (06.07-16.08.2020)


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